The Denton Bach Society is composed of a Governing Board and General Membership representing the local Denton music community.


2016-2017 Board Officers

Music Director - Alfred Calabrese
President – Helen Dewey Reikofski
Vice President – David K. Pierce
Treasurer, Director of Development – John Andrews
Secretary, Director of Membership –  Victoria Falkner Jones
Past President - Heidi Dietrich Klein
Director of Operations - Christopher Walker
At Large - Beverly Hoch
At Large - Paula Robertson

Richard Gore, Advisor
Ellen Ritscher Sackett, Advisor
Jeffrey Snider, Advisor


Orchestra Contractor – Eric Smith
Young Artist Competition - Beverly Hoch
Sponsorships & Advertisers - Heidi Dietrich Klein, Fritz Schwalm
Patron Correspondence - Geraldine Aschenbrenner
Facilities & Transportation - Harry C. Phillips

Denton Bach Society Patrons

John and Esther Andrews
Johnson & Johnson
Hildegard F. Rainbow
Helen and Roger Reikofski
Daisy Rogers

Anonymous Gift
Paula Robertson
Fritz Schwalm

Communities Foundation of Texas
Geri and John Aschenbrenner
David A. Johnson
J. Morris and Elaine Martin
Patricia Morey

Dr. Alfred Calabrese
Peggy and Lee J. Capps
Theresa Carriveau
Tony Clark
Karen DeVinney
Henry Gibbons

Bill and Judy Giese
Mrs Harold Heiberg
Beverly Hoch
Victoria Jones
Becky King
Tracy Kirk
Heidi and Joseph Klein
Julian Long and Kathleen Farrell
Cora Ann Martin
Lenora McCroskey
Mark McKnight
Harry C. Phillips, III
David K. Pierce
Fritz and Pat Schanz
Wesley and Sue Smith
Susan Vaughan

Kimberly and Christopher Walker
Brett and Linda Wallace
Caleb Wenzel
Charlie and Claire Workinger

The Denton Bach Society exists to provide Denton, Texas and the greater North Texas Community with the highest quality choral and instrumental music, particularly of the Baroque period, at a reasonable cost and in a format which encourages attendance by the widest possible audience.
— Denton Bach Society Mission Statement

Doug and Sharon Anderson
Anonymous Gift
Donna Arnold
John and Ruth Bryan
Brenda Burgess
Chera Cole
Jason Galbraith
John Hedric

Barbara Huggins
Samantha Inman
Meghan Kajihara
Laura Bruton and Donald Little
DiAnn L'Roy
Shirley D. Lusk
Bob and Carol Lynn Mizell
Doug and Courtney Seale
David Weber

Dorothy P. Adkins
Anonymous Gift

Meg Barry
Cynthia Beard
Bridget Bem
Bill and Susan Cooksey
Deborah Dennis
Rebecca Jackson
Melba M. Matthews
Geri Sams
Christie A. Wood

To all of you who have contributed in the past, we thank you once again. To those who are contributing for the first time, we welcome you and give our thanks!

You are helping support superb performances in the Greater Denton area of magnificent vocal and instrumental compositions from many generations.