The Denton Bach Society is composed of a Governing Board and General Membership representing the local Denton music community.


2019-2020 Board Officers

President – Ronald Carriveau
Vice President – John Todd
Secretary - Theresa Carriveau
Treasurer – David Weber
Director of Membership Services –  Meghan Kajihara
Director of Development - Geri Aschenbrenner
Director of Young Musicians Competition - Beverly Hoch
Past President - Sue Smith
At Large - John Andrews
At Large - Rebekah Hahn

Richard Gore, Advisor
Ellen Ritscher Sackett, Advisor
Jeffrey Snider, Advisor

Production Team

Manager – Andrew Dittman
   Publications - Esther Andrews, Hal Gibbons
   Venues - Harry C. Phillips, 3rd
   Accounting - John Andrews

All who donate to the support of the Denton Bach Society are "members" of the society for a period of one year from the last date of a donation. An annual meeting is held by the officers and members of the society, usually in May or June following the closing of the season. All members receive invitations to attend that meeting and vote for officer elections and policy changes.

Ticket revenues cover only a small portion of our production costs and we rely on your support to make up the difference.

The Denton Bach Society exists to provide an opportunity for dedicated and musically trained singers (the Denton Bach Choir) to bring the highest quality choral and instrumental music, particularly of the Baroque period, to audiences in Denton, Texas, and the greater North Texas Community.
— Denton Bach Society Mission Statement
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To all of you who have contributed in the past, we thank you once again. To those who are contributing for the first time, we welcome you and give our thanks!

You are helping support superb performances in the Greater Denton area of magnificent vocal and instrumental compositions from many generations.