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The cost of scores and parts is borne by the choir members. If you have not paid already, you may do so by credit card or PayPal here.

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Learning Aids for the Messiah

CyberBass®, a “learning site for choral singers” has adjustable speed midi type playback with emphasis on the selected part (soprano, alto, etc) or tutti. Good for mastering tricky sections.

 Chord Perfect is a YouTube channel that has all the chorales for Messiah and has four singers with an orchestra in all practice tracks, but the prioritized voice part is the loudest. This link will take you to the playlists for parts – the first four listed are the parts for the Messiah.

Andrew Grigg presents the individual parts of the first five choral pieces (through Glory to God) by a trained singer. Adjusting the playback speed to 1.25 will give a more realistic presentation although maybe a little fast.

Soprano, Alto, Tenor, Bass.

The gear icon in the lower right hand corner of YouTube playback windows usually presents an opportunity to increase or decrease the speed of playback without changing the pitch.


Dr. Charles Rives -
Dr. Lenora McCroskey -

Production Team - all in the choir

Hildegard Rainbow -
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John Andrews -
Harry Phillips -
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Society Officers that sing in the choir

Sue Smith - President -
John Todd - Vice President -
Theresa Carriveau - Secretary -
David Weber - Treasurer -
Victoria Falkner Jones - Member Services - -
Beverly Hoch - Young Musician Competition -