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The Denton Bach Society is proud to have offered the Greater Denton area over 40 years the world's finest music. We look forward to continued fulfillment of our mission; providing opportunities for the people of our community to organize and attend local performances of the greatest choral and instrumental music of the Western tradition.

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Alfred Calabrese, D.M.


Like many great Bach Societies before it, the Denton Bach Society began as a labor of love for both the music of the Baroque Era, and for the community of its members, then a small North Texas hometown.

In the four decades since, the town has grown but that same passion continues - drawing music-loving members and audiences from all corners of the Greater Denton area, and exhibiting a quality of performance not often attributed to community ensembles.

Coinciding with the its 40th Anniversary, the Denton Bach Society is pleased to introduce Alfred Calabrese as its third Music Director, succeeding Hal Gibbons.

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